Last Chance At Redemption

Hey all! I have 5 days left with you and we’re going to make each one count! We have a regular week this coming week and then FINALS! We will work ’til the very last day so keep your game face on and remember our class goals as we move towards mastering our standards and ACING these last few assignments! Remember we all want to end this year with B’s or better!


English 1

Read your Independent Reading Book and watch the movie adaptation version.

Write your Interview Questions- 5 for each category!

Make sure that you turned in To Kill A Mockingbird Literary Analysis.


June 12: Community Heroes Blog Due before midnight

June 12: Community Heroes Service Project

June 15-16 FINAL EXAMS

JUNE 15-16 Independent Reading Projects Due

June 17-18 Class End of Year Celebrations

English 2

Read Ch.10-11 and complete Ch.10-11 Summary Sheets. (Click the link if you need to download a copy of it. In the Time of the Butterflies Summary Ch.10-11)

Make sure you have chosen your Mirabal sister and Female Freedom Fighter.


June 9-12 Research Writing

June 16- FINAL Research Paper Due

Extra Credit Option for EVERYONE!!!

Watch the videos below (or follow the links provided to view them). Then also click on the link and read the article from the Huffington Post/ watch the video. Then answer the following question in the comments.

Do you live for what you believe in? What is your contribution to the Beautiful Revolution? How could Youth Activism have helped someone like George?

The Story of George Junius Stinney Jr

A Love That’s Louder Than Rage: The Beautiful Revolution


Throw Back Thursday

Hey all! Here’s the work for this week 🙂

English 1


Read to the end of To Kill A Mockingbird.  

Ch. 29-31 Guiding Question: How does Harper Lee describe Boo?

 Find a quote per chapter.

Quote from text that best supports your response Your response


English 2


Read Ch.6

Q4 Progress Reports go out MONDAY!!!

Hey all! The time crept up on us! Progress reports are due on Monday which means if you have any make up work to do you need to see me ASAP! Remember I am available during lunch and after school so you better stop by if you are concerned about your grades! Homework is listed below along with an extra credit opportunity for EVERYONE who needs low grades or missing work to be replaced! See you Monday!!!

English 1


Read Ch.23 of To Kill A Mockingbird

Use your post-its to Talk to the text and find:

3 important events/ details

2 words to clarify

1 Level 3 quesiton

8th period: Complete your Mayella RAFT due on TUESDAY!!! Plus you have to read Ch.23 and do the work above!!!

English 2


Finish reading Ch.4 and complete your Literary Luminary Role Sheet


Find a current event about someone who is doing the right thing and standing up for someone or a cause they really believe in. Post a link to the article in the comments below. Then explain what is happening and how they are helping someone who needs it in their communities or surrounding communities.

For example, in honor of Mother’s Day (don’t forget to hug your mamas), I found this article about 4 moms who, in addition to caring for their own kids, are helping others!

Feel free to comment on this article and relate it to either To Kill A Mocking bird or In the Time of the Butterflies, or post your own article to get your extra credit! No one has 100% so you could ALL use the extra grade boast! Let me know if you have any questions!!!!

Think about it Thursday :)

Hi all! We have a lot going on so keep up the good work! Here is this week’s work!

English 1

Homework: Read Ch.16-18. If you still haven’t commented on the video, please scroll down to Monday’s post and leave a comment!!!

For Ch.16-17 complete the Cause and effect chart below. Find 3 events for each chapter.

8th BLOCK: Summarize Ch.15



Homework: Read CH.1. Talk to the text looking for:

-4 unfamiliar or interesting words

-3 important details

-2 questions

-1 main idea

Enter Quarter 4- Happy Monday :)

Welcome to Quarter 4! We still have a ways to go as we close out this school year, so let’s finish strongly! Remember our class goals as we move to complete them and put our best effort forward!

English 1

Homework: Read Ch. 15, then complete the following questions.


Read and Say Something Directions

You may stop and make a comment (prediction, question, connection, surprising moment) at any point in the reading, but please stop and discuss the following questions:


What do you think Scout means when she says, “A nightmare was upon us”?  What might she be referring to?


Why does Jem pretend that the telephone rang when Atticus was talking to the men?  What was he trying to do and why?


What do you think Jem means when he says, “I’ve just got this feeling”?  What do you think this feeling is, and why does Jem feel it?

VIDEO: Click on the link below, watch the video, and then leave a comment answering this question: Some people are calling Will Stack a traitor to his race. Why would they be upset about his video and his message? How dies this relate to Atticus and the court case?

English 2


Complete Comprehension Checker Role Sheet (Feel free to print a new copy by clicking the link below.)

ComprehensionCheck (1)

Quarter 3 Grade Boost!!!

Phew! Quarter 3 FLEW by so quickly! We survived PARCC, read some good novels, expressed ourselves in some great writing, and now the end of the quarter is less than a week away. WOW. Well I promised you a grade boost so here it is. English 1 watch the videos that are listed under your homework. English 2 watch the video under your homework. Take advantage of the weekend and get ALL missing work completed so you can put your best face forward as we enter the last leg of the race to the end of the school year! Good luck!!!

English 1

Homework: Complete your Q and C Charts as you read Ch.8.

Optional Grade Boost: Watch the following 2 videos and leave a comment answering this question: How do these 2 videos show the differences between the rich and poor of the South post Civil War and into the Great Depression?

Gone With The Wind Video

Grapes of Wrath Video

English 2

HOMEWORK: Read Ch.25. Complete Revisions of Narrative.

Optional Gradeboost: Watch the following videos and leave a comment answering this question: What are Khalid Hosseini and Malala fighting for and why is it so important?

Khalid Hosseini Interview

Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Peace Prize Speech

Strange Fruit and Save the Children

Hi all! Here are the 2 video, one for Eng. 1 and one for Eng. 2. Both are important for you to watch. Please respond in the comments section to your video. You may post a question, a comment, or your reaction in addition to answering the question that follows your video. I am not going to lie, there are some disturbing images in each video, but both are equally important and fitting for each of your novels and units.

Remember we will refer to these in class, so please watch closely! Looking forward to your reactions 🙂

 English 1 Video- Strange Fruit

Reflection Question: How does this video affect your understanding of racism during the 1930’s?

English 2 Video- Save the Children

Reflection Question: How does this video relate to Ch.10 of Kite Runner?


English 1

-You have a week to respond to the video (March 4)

-Please turn in your Fahrenheit 451 Literary Analysis, if you still haven’t!

English 2

-You have a week to respond to the video (March 4)

-Read Ch.11 of Kite Runner


– See me for Lunch passes and Scholar Hour passes!!!

-Build On Tuesdays!!!

-Culinary Club Thursday!!!