Somewhere in America…

Here’s the post you’ve all been waiting for- EXTRA CREDIT!

With Semester 1 coming to an end, here’s your final attempt at a grade boast… Watch the video, leave a comment discussing what you think the girls’ message about the American Dream is and I will replace a missing homework assignment with full credit 🙂

Enjoy- it’s pretty darn good! So glad to share it with you!!!

Remember B’s or Better!!! Aim for A’s- They’re the best and so are you! Good luck 🙂


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10 responses to “Somewhere in America…

  1. Saul Bautista

    They were specking the truth i’m speechless that is what is really wrong with America if you think about it. If a well known person that has money rapes an other person they try to find away to cover it up no matter what they do. That makes them corrupt and whoever helped them then it spreads like a virus through the U.S making everything corrupt and untrustworthy.

  2. kevin

    The poet wants to express how countires outside of american experience far greater problems and some on a daily basis. While people of America complain about their first world problems other people really have life affecting problems. At the same time here in America society shined the spotlight on miniscule problems when there are even worse things happening right here.

  3. John Aguirre

    The message that the girls are trying to convey is that America has ignored the roots of who and where it has came from and how America lost all of its values and has begun to care for other unimportant things and not the people that live in it.

  4. i believe that the girls are picturing america as a land where you can openly make a racist comment about someone but you cannot talk about how wrong someone is for discriminating another human being for judging a race based off of their skin.

  5. Cps44019957

    So the girls are talking about how America is suppose to be a country of freedom and equality and it turns out that it isn’t because you are still judged because of you skin color.😓 And they just told the reality what is happening in America.😪

  6. Natalie Zavala

    America is banning books that give us knowledge because we can learn a lot, but they don’t ban all the violence from tv and Internet

  7. Monica Coria

    They did a ver good job saying the poem it looks like there expressing there feelings , there is so much things happening in America we don’t even know , it’s a very good poem… There is so much things happening such as good things as bad.. I liked it

  8. Anthony Torres

    What i got from the poem was that these ladies were explaining the cruel true reality of America and whats wrong with it. Everything they said in the poem is what is going on in America. This poem is the true meaning of the American Dream, the thing that people dont see, the things that some people are blind to.

  9. Krishna

    This left me speechless because everything is true and it’s just ashame that America has become like this. What I like about this video is that the poem does not only come the racist parts in the world but the struggles or woman , how life is without much money and most importantly our education.

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