Happy Halloween!!!

Hope you’re all enjoying this creepy evening and that you’re being safe! As the end of the quarter quickly approaches, we will be finishing our novel, taking finals and beginning to write our narratives. I wanted to give you one extra grade boost for this quarter.

The poem below is written by an Afghani woman thinking about the restrictions her country has made on her. Read the following poem. Think about Kite Runner and what you know about Afghanistan. In the comments, discuss how the authors of the poem and Kite Runner use imagery to present ideas about Afghanistan. What feelings or points of view do they both want people to see or feel about Afghanistan? How do they use imagery in a similar way to do this? I will use your answers (if they are appropriate) to replace a missing assignment or low score. Good luck!

Nadia Anjuman

Daughter of Afghanistan

I’ve no desire to open my mouth. What will I recite?

I who will remain despised by my age, whether or not I recite

How will I sing of honey? It’s turned to poison on my tongue —

curses upon the fist of the tyrant who crushed my mouth

Bless this world with no one to share my grief

whether I weep or laugh, whether I live or die

I and this prison: my longing cornered to nothing.

I was borne of futility, born only to be silenced.

Heart! I know Spring has passed, and its joy too

but how could I fly with these ripped-off wings?

Though silent all this time, I’ve listened closely:

my heart still whispers her songs, births new ones for her every moment

One day I’ll smash this cage, its very solitude

I’ll drink the wine of joy, sing the way a bird should in springtime.
Though a delicate-limbed tree, I won’t shudder with every breeze

I am a daughter of Afghan — I’ll sound my faghan,* weave it to eternity

* A faghan is a cry, an expression of regret and pain, retained in the English translation to reflect the wordplay in the original.

If you have any missing work, complete it!
FINALS on WED 11/4 and THUR 11/5!

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Here's a little info about your teacher. I worked really hard to become your teacher. I went to UIC to get a degree in English, but decided to work as a writer in California. While I was there I realized I would rather work with kids than work in an office all day, so I decided to come back to Chicago and become a licensed, fully certified teacher. I earned a Masters Degree in Teaching and Education from Dominican University and got my first job at Hancock. During my 4 years at Hancock, I have taught English at every grade level. I started the Culinary Club and also sponsor BuildOn, both clubs do community service projects all over the city. I also have a cat named Duke that I rescued during one of our BuildOn service learning projects and a dog named Duchess.

26 responses to “Happy Halloween!!!

  1. Samantha

    The Kite Runner and the poem show afganstian as misery for the people since the tyrants have came and destroy their way of life. The feeling I got from reading these text is like gloominess and imagining how it must feel to have the home you’re so accustomed to, just suddenly change due to another. They use imagery to give the dark and sort of hopeless vibe.

  2. I think this poem really gives awesome details and imagery of how bad afghanistan was at the time just as it is in the kite runner! When it says ” i’ll smash the cage” Gives a good detail on how the daughter wants it to be all over !

  3. Jesse Duque

    So both authors of The Kite Runner and this poem are using imagery by describing how the life is in Afghanistan for example in The Kite Runner the author was describing the life of the Taliban. In this poem the author was saying that he/she will destroy the cage and that he/she will taste the wine of joy. Probably with that being said the author will feel freedom. Both author’s want people to see that probably life in Afghanistan is tough. Both authors are using imagery in a similar way by talking about Afghanistan like in the Kite Runner the author wrote that when Rahim Khan wanted Amir to go back to Kabul he said no at first because if was dangerous. In the poem the author is talking about the life of Afghanistan by saying he/she will break this cage. This probably means he/she will get out of Afghanistan and go to a better country.

  4. Solei Hernandez

    It uses imagary like the kite runner when they say ‘ How could I fly with these ripped-off wings’ , they don’t have ripped wings literally , they just feel like their becoming weak and can’t handle what is going on anymore.

  5. Saldivar, Michael


  6. Christian Ramirez

    This poem talks about how being the daughter of a afghan, how its been hard with that afghan history. How life has affected her. In the book we learn how hard times are for amir in afghan and this poem uses a lot of imagrey for example in the line”How will I sing of honey? It’s turned to poison on my tongue —
    curses upon the fist of the tyrant who crushed my mouth” it shows how the things she is saying turns to poison and is a curse basically upon her life.

    • Ohhh… excellent, you bring up some really good examples of figurative language and symbolism, but I wonder what the poison and who the tyrant are? Remember that figurative language isn’t literal, so by being the daughter of Afghanistan what is she really hoping to tell her readers? Nice job!

  7. Aylin paniagua

    In the poem the author uses imagery to show that she feels just as enclosed as Afghanistan is there,with the people that surround her or feels trapt in a way.like in the text it states,”I was borne of futility,born only to be silenced.”this imagery shows how she feels like she isn’t being heard. I think these both want Us to see and feel after all these things will be over soon. For example,” One day I’ll snack this cage.its very solitude.ill drink the wine of joy ,sing the way a bored should sing in springtime .”This is a good example of imagery showing how once she is out of her problems she will be free and happy and taste the joy she hasn’t felt in a long while. They use a lot of imgery to give many points of view of how she is feeling which a lot do relate to Afghanistan.

  8. Julio Martinez

    Both of the Authors of the Poem and the Kite runner want the people reading this to feel what its like to be born Afghan. They both show that its a hard life trying to live there and being happy. In the kite runner it shows a kid growing up during the Taliban how he had to escape and in this poem it shows how the girl is trying to be free of the pain and grief in afghan. They both relate to each other because they both want the reader to feel their pain and try to understand their life

  9. Beto

    Both people want to show us how Afghanistan isn’t know for all the violence it’s also the known for some good things. Not only gun shots , wars all the negatives, think of the positives you have to see the good about Afghanistan.It also uses imagery when it says”how could I fly with these ripped wings off” thatthey feel like there changing starting something new. A lot of propose put there selves in danger and then can’t get out so what if they don’t.

  10. Eduardo Hernandez

    The authors of the poem and Kite Runner use imagery to present ideas about Afghanistan by showing that in that country the times are hard and the people is struggling in order to survive.They want people to feel that in Afghanistan the people is suffering because of the war and they don’t feel safe at all.They use imagery by saying that”I and this prison: my longing cornered to nothing”,so this means that they are saying that people don’t feel free in Afghanistan and they feel like they have nothing to feel happy.

  11. Evelyn Almeraz

    This poem talks about how it is not easy growing up as an Afghan. It talks about problems that she has to face just like Amir feels that he has not been freed because of what he did to Hassan when they were kids. He betrayed him and it haunts him. It is something that stays with him in the back of his mind. Amir is still learning to face his problems and not run away from them. He did not want to go back to kabul and he did end up going back for Sohrab. Then he will be able to free himself.
    That is the way for him to be good again and have a better life in America.

  12. Manuel Santiago

    It uses imagery like the kite runner when the text states ” how could i fly with these ripped off wings?” This shows how they believe they are growing weak and and that they don’t actually have ripped wings

  13. Jesus barraza

    It’s really descriptive because like she’s describing how she feels but in a way where we can picture it in our head. It talks about how its hard growing up in Afghanistan and how she will grow up and how she’ll be happy.

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