Enter Quarter 4- Happy Monday :)

Welcome to Quarter 4! We still have a ways to go as we close out this school year, so let’s finish strongly! Remember our class goals as we move to complete them and put our best effort forward!

English 1

Homework: Read Ch. 15, then complete the following questions.


Read and Say Something Directions

You may stop and make a comment (prediction, question, connection, surprising moment) at any point in the reading, but please stop and discuss the following questions:


What do you think Scout means when she says, “A nightmare was upon us”?  What might she be referring to?


Why does Jem pretend that the telephone rang when Atticus was talking to the men?  What was he trying to do and why?


What do you think Jem means when he says, “I’ve just got this feeling”?  What do you think this feeling is, and why does Jem feel it?

VIDEO: Click on the link below, watch the video, and then leave a comment answering this question: Some people are calling Will Stack a traitor to his race. Why would they be upset about his video and his message? How dies this relate to Atticus and the court case?


English 2


Complete Comprehension Checker Role Sheet (Feel free to print a new copy by clicking the link below.)

ComprehensionCheck (1)


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36 responses to “Enter Quarter 4- Happy Monday :)

  1. yeimi

    The people that called will Stack a trader to his race are upset for the reason that he is african american and defending white people. They are also upset because he makes making a statement about cops not being bad and well many people from his race has experience racisms by cops and that is what is making them upset that he was defending white people but saying we should not be showing criticism to other race.

  2. carla

    I think some people are calling Will Stack a traitor to his race because he has been talking about how not all black people are victims that not all cops are bad (racist) .since most people especially one of his friend have been shoot by a cop who was white they are probably mad because it seems like if he was defending them and saying its not bad as it looks.will’s message is saying that we are all equal no one i more of a victim that any one no one is more bad ,no matter what race you are you are all equal which reminds me of atticus and how he defends his client no matter what class or race he is in.

  3. yes, so people are calling will stack a traitor to his race. People are upset about his message and his video because as you know we have been seeing Caucasian police men arresting African American men and so how they end up getting shot. In the video will was explaining how a police stopped him but they didn’t have trouble be cause he did what the police asked him to do. He didn’t get out the car and run, act crazy any thing like that. He did was he was asked, what he was trying to say is that don’t assume thing just because of your color. you don’t know try and get both sides. And that all cops are not racist and all black people are not victims and people should do what they are told.

  4. I think that people might be upset that he posted the video because he is putting a message that is important for everyone to realize. Sure everyone might be different but there are good people out there that are willing to put a stop to name calling and putting labels. Because in my opinion not all cops are racist toward African Americans or any race because some respect the law and value other people’s opinions.

  5. Joey

    I wonder how people will react if this guy was white and he was doing the exact thing as he portrayed in this video

    • Great question- I think people are especially offended because Stack seems to making Scott’s death a “non-issue.” People think he is making Scott’s murder seem like it was his own fault, but if Stack was white, I think we might have another issue on our hands… Thanks for contributing!

  6. Jacky Sosa

    Some people are calling Will Stack a traitor to his race because some of those people believe that all white cops are racist towards other races so will just want to say that that’s not the case and that not all of them are bad people but some people are getting upset because they are stuck in the past and don’t believe that all races can get along. Also since he defended the cop and his race some may think hes crazy and a traitor due to some bad experiences they have had with them being black and a white cop being disrespectful but that is not the case for most cops. That being said i’m not saying that all cops are good obviously some are bad but the majority do respect the people and honor their jobs.

  7. Ezequiel Aranda

    Some People are calling Will Stack a traitor because those people who disagree still think that all cops are racist towards black citizens and he wants to state that this is not what is happening now anymore because they still think that if a white cop confronts a black citizen that suddenly they are going to arrest them, harm them, etc. But that is not true because not all police are racist , to be honest there are still some bad cops out there, but the majority actually do their jobs right. This could relate to Atticus Finch because he was defending Tom Robinson, a black citizen.

  8. Luis Salazar

    I don’t think that Will Stack is a bad person. He just as his own opinions about cops from his own experience. He is explaining that not all cops are bad people. I doubt anybody got offended by this. I don’t think their was point of making this videos because he talks about something that everybody should know. It is common sense.

  9. Wesley

    Will Stack was pulled over for a traffic stop, because of being on the wrong lane or something, but the point is, is that he made that video and published it on the web saying that not all cops are corrupted or aren’t races just because someone is black or white.

  10. Yaletza Reynoso

    I don’t see why people would be upset with him. He is simply stating his own opinion on the topic and letting people know that not all cops are crooks/bad people. They can be upset with him because they may feel as if he is offending the African American community by saying that just because you are that race, you aren’t necessarily a victim.

  11. Citlally Alcazar

    I dont think that African Americans should be mad at all.For the simple reason that his not saying anything bad he is just saying that not to judge all the Police Officers for what a couple have done.I get why people would be mad because most of the victims keep on being African Americans but besides that luis was just saying that just because the Officer shoots them makes them guilty!Their are always 3 parts of the story so ypu cant always believe what you see.!!!

  12. Edwin

    I think people are mad at Will Stack because they think he is betraying his own race by defending the cops. He is sharing is opinion and what he believes.

  13. frankie revills

    why would lots of people be mad? he is saying something good

  14. karla

    I don’t think will stack made a bad choice on making this video. Everyone has a right to express their own opinion. I do agree with him that not all cops are bad. Right now only the bad cops are getting recognition rather than others who properly do their job. People shouldn’t get offended because if a white person was to defend African Americans everyone would be proud and happy about it.

  15. Ronny Valdes

    The people might be mad that he isnt like everyone else trying to go against the system or that he simply must be bad to police officers because so many people are. Others might think its bad to be submisive to the the police , but in my opinion i have always said : People will treat you like you treat them . so you should treat people the way you want to be treated . especially a police officer who risks his life to protect and serve the people , if they attack anybody it is in self defense

  16. Matthew Rocha

    Everyone has there own opinions and Will stack has his own that i agree

  17. crystal

    people need to understand that not all officers are racist , like he said not all people who get shot and tased or arressted by officers are innocent victims

  18. Rudolfo Villanueva

    Honestly I believe what he said is right.. The police are just doing their job. But, I also agreed that it is wrong to kill an innocent person and for those cops to get away with it. I also think it is his opinion and nobody should get offended or angry about his opinion… Overall is just what he thinks….

  19. odalis garcia

    i think what the guy said was very smart because not everyone is the same and not because you’re a certain type of color or race means that you would be mean so yes we have to understand that there is nice people that can be white as well as bad and the same with black people not everyone is inocsent as they appear so im glad that guy brought that point out

  20. angelica

    i think that Will stacks has a very good point of view. People shouldn’t be putting labels on people just because of their race or what they look like. Not every cop is a bad, not every black man is a criminal…

  21. jose gonzalez

    This mostly happened to my uncle when i was 12 he was pulled over and they dragged him with force when he was doing everything that they ask him to i told the cop why are you aressting my uncle and he said for not following older just because he was mexican .

  22. Adrian

    I mean i understand african americans could be mad because they all support their race but like the guy said not all cops are bad but sometimes they need to do what they gotta do most of the times probely because other people are not polite or do what they are asked to do people need to understand this.

  23. Jennifer Garcia

    I think some people would call him traitor because he isn’t defending his race. Many people from his race would expect him to hate the white and especially the white police officers because of the incidents that have happened recently. The guy even says that they aren’t bad people, he’s trying to say that the police officers might act the way you act. If you are disrespecting them in any way they will do the same. He says that not all people are innocent so they shouldnt always say it’s the police officers attacking them. This could relate to Atticus and the court case because all the people from his race don’t want him defend people from another race. Sometimes you just really have to look closely at some points because not everyone is the same. People want to be treated with respect and they will respect you too. It all depends on your words and actions. Just like the guy from the clip, which he talked respectfully and the officer was respectful to him as well.

  24. Fernanda Ortiz

    To be honest I definitely agree with what Will Stack said, he mentioned that ignorance has no race or color which is true. I’m not saying that what happened with Scott is right, though we shouldn’t generalize and say that every white office is like that and that they’re the bad guys in the situation nor that every African Americans are the victims in this. I also think that we should really inform ourselves well and not just believe everything the media says to us.

  25. Alonda Estrada

    I think Will Stack did an amazing job addressing what is really happening and showing how that not all cops are curupt. He demonstrated to people that cops are doing their job and how he got pulled over and the cop did his job and nothing happened. Shows how this cop was doing his job and wasn’t racist. Many people need to realize that not all whites are racist and that all colored people aren’t really victims. We live in a society where based on your skin color you will determine what kind of person you are either your a victim or the bad guy. We really need to change that

  26. Jonathan Ruvalcaba

    Y is this happening? Y r white cops bothering black people and not other white people? Black people r no different between regular people. we’re all the same. People r calling will stack a traitor because he’s saying not all cops r bad. In my opinion I kinda agree with him but at the same time we don’t know that. There’s is a lot of police brutality going on n innocent people r getting hurt by cops. . Some cops r good n some aren’t.

  27. mrlezama

    In my honest opinion, I think the only reason people were upset with him and that African Americans were calling him a traitor was because he was trying to remove this label society has placed on African Americans, labelling them as victims of authority abuse and what not.
    So the reason they didn’t like this was because they didn’t want people to stop feeling sorry for them, and so they could always have society on their sife, regardless of whether they comitted any heinous crime that might’ve called for attention.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that police brutality is correct here, I’m simply agreeing with the man who made the video, since he makes valid points regarding people in society automatically assuming policemen are fascists, and that African Americans have been labeled as victims as of late.
    Not every African American is a victim, nor is every policeman a fascist pig.

  28. Gilberto

    Wonder why all this things are happening only to African Americans & never white & I agree with joeys question I wonder if it was a white person what would they of done. But also all this things are going on with African American for example with the things that are going on Baltimore with all the racialism .

  29. Jessica Silva

    He didnt betray anyone he was just putting his opinion out there.This could relate to atticus probably because he was taking on a case for tom Robinson having to defend him.

  30. crispin

    Why is it that when a man or woman are arrested for murder they’re sentenced 30 to life, yet when a police officer is video taped killing an innocent person who (attempts) does what they’re told yet are persecuted, pestered by the police officer who wants them to react out of place and to “hit” the cop so he could “hit” back.

  31. Karissa Urbina

    I believe some people would see Will Stack as a traitor because he’s making it seem as though the issue with Scott and “crooked police” wasn’t a big deal. Some people still believe that all white cops are racist towards black people and in this case Will Stack is addressing that not all white cops are racist and he is making it clear in the video.

  32. Cindy perez

    I think he is tired of black people trying to offend whites or think that white people are still the blame of blacks unfair treatment.

  33. jose mendoza:D

    they are calling him racist because he is showing his own opinion about cop but some people take it the wrong way.he just wants to show what he thinks of them.it also relates to the court case since many of them are being racist of the guy that they think he is a criminal because only atticus cares about him.

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