Look Up!

Hello all! Welcome to Quarter 3! Let’s get the second half of the year started on the right foot! See below for today’s homework!


English 1

Hey English 1 dudes and dudettes!

Watch the following video and in the comments leave your response to this question:

How does this video relate to Fahrenheit 451 and Ray Bradbury’s ideas?

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English 2

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46 responses to “Look Up!

  1. Jennifer Garcia

    This video relates to the the book because Bradbury said the the people are being distracted and they do not see thing how they really are. An example is the war. In the book they are being distracted by the walls but in this video its all electronics.

  2. How this video relates to the Book 451 is because this is saying how people are focused more on what others say and in technology. They don’t look at there surroundings and enjoy the beauty of nature just like Mildred that she is focused in her “family” in the parlor walls.

  3. Yeimi

    This relates to Fahrenheit 451 because he is tryin to say that children’s in this generation don’t know wha is happening around them because they are so occupied with technology. In Fahrenheit 451 people don’t know What is happening around them because of censorship

  4. Ana Banana Mozqueda

    It relates because in the book people are all so tuned into their fake life that won’t even stop and enjoy what the world has to give them and in the vidio we are all so tuned into our phones that we always miss those special chances life gives us

  5. Joey

    I’ve seen this video a million times very touching and true but mostly sad that we live in a society like this you know . Made this hw that much eaiser because I seen this’s lot

  6. Alondra estrada

    This video relates to Bradbury because both had the idea that people aren’t really living in the real world anymore .people are alive but have no purpose anymore rather than to just use technology . We don’t focus on the things that are actually imporantnt in life anymore people are too focused on giving likes and not on simply taking a walk down the park with no phones. Technology took over our society.

  7. Jessica Silva

    Its related to Fahrenheit 451 and Ray Bradbury idea because it’s like the books make us stuck,in our own little world just like our phones

  8. Jose Jimenez

    The video is like the book because they both tell us that technology is messing up our world. We shouldn’t be robots to technology. We should also need to learn whrn to stop and go outside and experience the real world.

  9. Citlally alcazar

    This video informs us that even if u have a social account and have sown friends ,that doesn’t mean the their your friends because they don’t know u .their just people behind a screen that talk to u once an a while but don’t really the “real “u and they won’t ever know the real u because as long as ur behind that screen u wont be able to know someone .or even the work cause ur so hooked into it that u stop focusing on the world and the things that are out their to be experienced.and when u look back at that your going to realize that what I wanted the most was out their instead of the screen u seen all ur live .what the social media wants is to block us from the real wold ,when the most beautiful things are out their ..

  10. ronny

    Ms pilar this video is my new favorite motivational video this video made me realize what is really Important thank you for sharing it with me

  11. Angel martinez

    This is really touching because he is saying that with phones you miss a lot of things in life lots of opportunities to meet new people so people are dumb for just trying to rely on technology

  12. the comparison that I can make is that the video look up from phone is similar to fahrenheit 451 because in montag’s world they don’t pay attention to the world because they are surrounded by technology. and what this means is that in the real world people don’t realize the knowledge that and socialization that they are missing out by thinking that the people you talk to in technology are your real friends because thats what montag had told mildred. and what he had realized was that by reading books he had understood the truth to why knowledge was to powerful ecause they would be questioning and wondering how this world came to be.

  13. frankie revilla

    this is a very touching video. it had inspired me to leave my phone alone and go to sleep for 3 hours instead. would recommend everyone to watch it.

  14. This video relates to F451 because like how he’s saying that we’re all focused on our technology in the book all Mildred cared about was her parlor walls. Also they would just use media to distract people from what was really going on and we’re all distracted by our technology we don’t know much of what’s happening. It also relates because like how Clarisse was saying people don’t stop to wonder about things the guy is telling us to go out and explore to put our technology down.

  15. victor felix

    this video relates to the book because first off all they both have secret meanings . its talking about technology the book is trying to say we don’t need books anymore because we have the internet and other stuff when the video is saying allot believe in that but they dint know that technology is making us stupid without really saying those words. so that’s how its related

  16. jose

    the video was rapping and talking about how we use phones and computers

  17. Karissa Urbina

    This video relates to Fahrenheit 451 because nowadays no one pays attention to the outside world. Everyone is too focused on their cellphones to even communicate with each other anymore in person.

  18. Alexandra Vargas

    This relates because in both the video and the book people don’t realize they have a life to live and they won’t get another one so instead of staring at screens they should stop to see what’s around them .

  19. Jose mendoza

    Yes it does,since many of them do not communicate together . Like the girl that montag talk to that she is not social in school because the other students are not

  20. carla

    this video relates to Fahrenheit 451 because they both explain that their communication is bad.and I know that they both want to end something to change how the world act.For example montage wants to bring books back because he wants people to feel and to be able to communicate with their own thoughts.while the guy in the video wanted to explain that technology is affecting the way that people communicate .such as they don’t make eye contact.

  21. gilberto pantoja

    they relate cause they both didn’t have no communication , in the way that montage and his wife didn’t have no communication , and how in the video they would always be in there phones and woukld be missing a lot of parts of there lives.

  22. Jose Salvador

    This video relates to Fahrenheit 451 in a way that humanity is starting to take advantage of technology, and because of that we’re not doing all the things we use to do. Now we’re relying on technology, when we really shouldn’t.

  23. Ashley Torres

    “Fahrenheit 451” and “Look up” can relate to each other because in both, people were too hypnotized to actually pay attention to the most littlest things happening, to what’s going on in the world or notice what’s happening right in front of them. They’re losing communication with people and not caring what is happening. In the novel people don’t communicate or talk about how they feel or show emotion just like in the video no ones talk to anybody because they’re to into the technology now a days.

  24. Fernanda

    The video is related to Fahrenheit 451 because in the video it shows how this society is full of idiotic people not using they’re brains and letting technology control them and in the book it’s the same thing. For example, when Mildred’s friends go over and they talk about how being pregnant makes you ugly and fat and they would just rather have c section shows how the media has a huge impact and influence on their society.

  25. This video relates to Rad Bury’s ideas b/c the book talks about how society is so hung up on technology. The technonlogy distracts them from seeing what truly goes in their society like war and death. Technology also is taking over our form of way to get knowledge b/c instead of reading books and trying to build off our own knowledge, we just use technology to find information and never even get knowledge off it. Just like the video talks about how we’re so caught up on and distracted by our phones. Technology has took over to make this the generation of idiots. It’s our distraction in both points of views.

  26. Jose pelaez

    The video can be related to the book because both have similar ideas for example one can be that we should pay more attention to our surroundings and environment because we don’t know the amount of opportunities we are letting go just by being in technology. The video is like the novel because the main character is sending the message that tach biology has been taking over is and it’s become an addiction and we’re letting it take away experiences that we decide to live in our phone rather than in real life.

  27. Jeda Hobson

    What I thought about the video is that not many people have conversation with one another they are always on their phones 24/7 and ou don’t know what’s going on the world if you are on you phone all the time,right. How much are you on your phones? I think people are on them because of social media, who don’t want to be in IG, Twitter, snapchat etc. for example I am on my phone a lot and I don’t now what’s going on around me and that’s not good you know, so put your phone down and have some fun yes the sites are good and fun but have fun with your family & friends etc. that’s what I think.

  28. ronny

    This relates to the book because really people didn’t communicate in the book the didn’t feel emotions they spent their lives in technology and forgot what it was like to be human

  29. mrlezama

    It’s incredibly accurate regarding the setting of the book, a place where no one is concerned with anything else other than fiddling with their own mass media tools.
    They both empathize on the theme of how life just goes by, outside of their mass media tools

  30. frankie revilla

    it relates to bradburys idea because it shows in the video that people should stop using there cellphones and in the books its sorta of saying its like they are a generation of idiots so its similar

  31. Charnette Nutall

    I think this is a good video because we don’t need to be looking at a screen 24/7 everyday. We need to go outside more And following their dreams instead. Save your phone battery and turn it off and go outside and have some fresh air. 😄

  32. The video “look up” and “Fahrenheit 451” are alike by dealing with a main person who wants to make the world communicate better in person just like Montag wanted people to have a better creative mind .they also relate because they both talked about the importance in communication and the bad things if u don’t use your knowledge .

  33. Saul Bautista

    It relates how people don’t talk to each other and not enjoy the things around them. Also that we are doing to be a world that makes technology’s/people that control the tech puppet for them to use us mindless robots.

  34. This video relates to the novel because in both the video and the novel they talk about alot of technology and how it affects it.This also relates to it because fahrenheit he is lonely the one thing he does is burn books but when he realized he was alone.

  35. Angelica

    I didn’t know phones would suck the life out of you!

  36. Ezequiel Aranda

    The video relates to Fahrenheit 451 because it tells about how technology has taken over people’s mind and towards the end of the video it shows the difference between having a family and not having one. It also relates to Ray Bradbury’s idea because he wants to ban technology like how it is in the book.

  37. The book said that technology will take over our world and the video explains the same and gives the example of the man who let a chance slip away from meeting his wife. Also that technology is changing the world very fast.

  38. carla

    is there homework period one

  39. Angel Alvarez

    This relates to Ray Bradbury’s ideas because in today’s society, people are getting so caught up in a world full of digits and codes (technology) that they do not bother to open up to reality.

  40. Jacky Sosa

    This video relates to the book because they both talk about how technology has taken over. In the book everyone is pretty much brainwashed by technology and in the video everyone is brainwashed by technology since so many people are always on their phones and never “look up”.

  41. Fabiola Angulo

    This video is related to Fahrenheit 451 because people are so obsessed with technology that they miss the real world. They are distracted from what is really important.

  42. Cristian Tapia

    this video reminds me of Farhenhiet 451 because in the video it shows how people are not looking up from thier phones. In the story people don’t not communicate at all and didn’t look up from their phones. Well overall you can miss a lot if we don’t look up from our phones.

  43. it related to the book because in todays society it is blind and always eyes glued to a glass screen and in the book technology is everything.people should open up to society regardless if you own a phone or not

  44. This relates to ray Bradbury life because they live in a world where no one pays attention of what is around them they do not talk to each others they just focus on technology, everything is abouto technology about social media everyone lives in their own world and they didn’t realized what the real world is like because they didn’t pay attention to it then like in the video Montag at the end realized that life is more important than technology , then books are written again because books are knoledge and are more important and more helpful than technology

  45. Odalis garcia

    This is related to the book because everything Ray Bradbury say was happening in the book its actually happening in our time people is more interested in just being like everyone else that they dontyhink on being different and seeing the details of things their lifes are technology now. Technology is ruling the world now and maybe our story will be more similar to the book if we don’t try to make a change also people is starting to leave books aside when they really are the only ones we can rely cause unless we destroy them they will always be here not like technology that can get destroy very easily

  46. Manny Hernandez

    This video is related to the book because it is showing how nowadays people are so hung on technology they’re not really living life anymore. Their lives is all depended on the technology we have today

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