The EXTRA Push for Progress

Hi all!  With Progress Reports being finalized TOMORROW, please, please, please make an effort to stay focused on your work.  As an additional push I am offering an extra credit option that you may complete to push your grade from the A to the B or the C to a B, which ever floats your boat!

I am so proud of those of you who are trying your best to read better, write better, be curious and successful! Stay focused and on track towards a better YOU! Here is your extra credit question.  Complete this for 10 points (or replacing a missing assignment):

In the comments below please reflect on your own progress in this class and answer 3 of the following questions:

1) Which skills are you doing really well? Which skills confuse you?

2) What classroom activity do you really enjoy? Why?

3) What classroom activity is confusing to you? Why?

4) What can you do to improve your grade?

Complete ALL 4 and get an additional surprise in class tomorrow!


Don’t forget PROGRESS REPORTS ARE GOING OUT FRIDAY! Make sure you are checking Student Portal so that you know your updated grade.  More grades will be updated this week, so you might see some drastic changes. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Homework ENG I

Write the RAFT from Junior to Mary on the back of your paper.

Click here to access a copy of the RAFT 2 PTI

Homework ENG II

SKIM Young Goodman Brown and circle the confusing words.




CHECK YOUR GRADES AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE!!! You can always raise your grade by going to lunch tutoring or Scholar Hour. See me for more details and a pass. Then, I will send you down during lunch or after school.

-Build On Meeting Tuesday!

-Culinary Club Meeting 10/16/14! Turn in your permission slips and money if you want to cook.

-Door decorators sign up!


About jvpilar

Here's a little info about your teacher. I worked really hard to become your teacher. I went to UIC to get a degree in English, but decided to work as a writer in California. While I was there I realized I would rather work with kids than work in an office all day, so I decided to come back to Chicago and become a licensed, fully certified teacher. I earned a Masters Degree in Teaching and Education from Dominican University and got my first job at Hancock. During my 4 years at Hancock, I have taught English at every grade level. I started the Culinary Club and also sponsor BuildOn, both clubs do community service projects all over the city. I also have a cat named Duke that I rescued during one of our BuildOn service learning projects and a dog named Duchess.

20 responses to “The EXTRA Push for Progress

  1. Ronny Valdez

    I really enjoy reading as a group

  2. Manny

    I really love standing up and doing activities lol

  3. Yeimi m

    The skills that I am doing well would be the finding the meaning of a word in a sentences. I don’t think that there’s a skill a im confuse with in this moment. The class activity I enjoy would be working in groups. The reason is because I get to know other people. I don’t think that any skills are confusing for me in this moment. I guess it’s because I am actually paying attention in class. What I can do to improve my grades would be pay attention in class, studying more when it comes to taking test, and doing my homework all the time

  4. Odalis Garcia

    I like working as a group, i like doing the context clues and i think a way i can get a better grade is by not been abscent to much

  5. Eduardo Hernandez

    The extra push for progress
    1)I think that for the moment I’m not confuse with any of the skills that we are learning,so I’m okay.
    2)The activity that I enjoy in class is acting about the 📚 we are reading.
    3)None of the classroom activities is confusing because I’m 😊 in all the activities.
    4)I think trying to write more fast during class because I’m 🐌 writer.

    • Thank you Eddie! More writing is coming! The only way to improve reading and writing is to PRACTICE reading and writing, so this will get harder and harder as we go, but all so that you can learn!

  6. Eduardo Hernandez

    PD:When are you going to post the homework?

  7. Carla

    I am doing well in context clues and main idea.i am still confussed in supporting deatails .i enjoy the activity that has to do with games and relating to reading becuae we learn about each other .the class room activity that i get confussed on is when we have to so group activities i dont get how we are all sappose to work together to gets one job done . What i can do to improve my grade is do test and take time to reread the question to understand it well i can also come for help afterschool .

  8. juan

    I have fun in this class and always looking for to it.

  9. julian ruiz

    1) I am good at the context clues and im not confused of any
    2)I really enjoy acting the book out
    4)I can do my homework and do extra credit to help boost my grade

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