Weekend Wondering… 10 days and counting…

I was happy to hear that even though I wasn’t here on Friday and there was trouble with the sub situation, there  were no complaints! I hope you took advantage of the time to get some work done.  Alright well let’s get to business, we have 2 weeks left and FINALS are on Thursday and Friday (schedule is attached) so please get your grades in order, pay attention to Gradebook, and advocate for yourself if you are missing anything.

With that said, let me get to the extra credit… Remember if you post in regards to the topic below, you will receive 5 points E.C towards any missing or low grades so please take advantage of today’s grade boost!

So we talked about a lot of favorites and wise words, but now I want to know what you have been wondering or questioning in the last year. Please post a question that you might have in regards to ANY topic we have discussed this year.  Here are the titles of the units:

–         Juvenile Justice

–         Nature in the Balance

–         Community Heroes

-Decisions, Actions and Consequences

-Myself in the Community

– Power and Justice

Post a question or answer a question that someone else might post, that you wondered through the units and earn your points! For example, as we finished reading SPEAK, I always wondered, How would Melinda’s life had been different if she had just had the courge to speak? Simple question, but that’s all you have to do!

As we reach the END, please keep working diligently towards our end of the year goals! Please see me if there are any assignments you are missing or grades that you feel need improvement. Continue the hard work as we reach the final stretch towards SUMMER.


Complete your Final Draft of TKAM Literary Analysis Paper.

Blogs are now LATE!!! Please turn THEM in ASAP!!!

Bring your Independent Read Book and To Kill A Mockingbird to class.

Don’t forget to turn in any LATE work!!!

 Extra E.C. Share the Wisest words from one of the TKAM characters.


Click here for the In the Time of the Butterflies Calendar In the Time of the Butterflies Reading Calendar (1)

Finish Reading the Epilogue and complete the Read and Say Something for pgs. 317- 321.

Extra E.C. Share the wisest words from the wisest sister.


  • CHECK YOUR GRADES AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE!!! You can always raise your grade by going to lunch tutoring or Scholar Hour. See me for more details and a pass. Then, I will send you down during lunch or after school.
  • Culinary Club meeting on June 4 after school!!!

About jvpilar

Here's a little info about your teacher. I worked really hard to become your teacher. I went to UIC to get a degree in English, but decided to work as a writer in California. While I was there I realized I would rather work with kids than work in an office all day, so I decided to come back to Chicago and become a licensed, fully certified teacher. I earned a Masters Degree in Teaching and Education from Dominican University and got my first job at Hancock. During my 4 years at Hancock, I have taught English at every grade level. I started the Culinary Club and also sponsor BuildOn, both clubs do community service projects all over the city. I also have a cat named Duke that I rescued during one of our BuildOn service learning projects and a dog named Duchess.

10 responses to “Weekend Wondering… 10 days and counting…

  1. Jaclyn Coronado

    Do you think our society is the biggest influence on what we believe a hero is ?

  2. Josefina Vargas

    I have always wondered what happens after the main character finishes telling their story. For example in the book Speak, what is Melinda’s rest of her high school years like? Did her relationship with her family and friends get better, now that they know what happened?

  3. Julia Rivas

    How will all the books I read this year help me understand how I can make a change in my community?

  4. Melissa Barrera

    What do you think was of Virgilio after he fled the country?

  5. Carlos Hernandez

    Do you think people do illegal things or make certain actions but hide it under the word “freedom”?

  6. Maranda Enriquez

    How much can one person affect a community?

  7. leslie

    How Many People In The World Want To Fight For Freedom They Do Not Have ?

  8. Alondra Pulido

    Why can’t we read books that are well known to others , especially when going to college so we can be like “oh I read that in high school .” We read these books that people hardly heard of and don’t attract out interest.

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