Women Crush Wednesday… 17 days and Counting :)

Grade Boost!!! Once again… if you comment on the blog in regards to the daily heading, I will give you e.c. so here we go. Also, if you look under your grade level, there are some other options for E.C. Take advantage of the opportunities!  Please comment below-

For Women Crush Wednesday, post a character who is a WOMAN from a book or movie that you admire! Relax this doesn’t mean you have a real crush, but because you admire or even idolize this person, you can consider her your “WOMAN” crush.  I think  I my Woman Crush award goes to Hester Prynne! If you ever get the chance to read The Scarlet Letter, DO IT!!! Ostracized by her whole community, this little lady still managed to face the world EVERYDAY and stand behind her choice. Even when you make a mistake, you have to take responsibility for your actions and take it like a MAN! Strong woman, good stuff.  Also coming in close we have Katnis Everdeen from Hunger Games for obvious reasons. Ok, I shared my woman crush, please share yours 🙂

As we reach the END, please keep working diligently towards our end of the year goals! Please see me if there are any assignments you are missing or grades that you feel need improvement. Continue the hard work as we reach the final stretch towards SUMMER.


Finish your INDIVIDUAL Blog Outlines and have a rough draft ready for Thursday.

Bring your Independent Read Book and To Kill A Mockingbird to class.

Don’t forget to turn in any LATE work!!!

 Extra E.C. Why is it important to have good influences in your life?


Click here for the In the Time of the Butterflies Calendar In the Time of the Butterflies Reading Calendar (1)

Finish reading Ch.11 up to pg. 248 and complete the Read and Say: Click on the link- Read and Say Something Directions p 234-246. You can print it out or do it on a separate sheet of paper.

Extra E.C. If you were part of the Mirabal family, which sister would you be and why?


  • CHECK YOUR GRADES AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE!!! You can always raise your grade by going to lunch tutoring or Scholar Hour. See me for more details and a pass. Then, I will send you down during lunch or after school.
  • Build On Meeting tomorrow!
  • Culinary Club meeting on Thursday after school!!!

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Here's a little info about your teacher. I worked really hard to become your teacher. I went to UIC to get a degree in English, but decided to work as a writer in California. While I was there I realized I would rather work with kids than work in an office all day, so I decided to come back to Chicago and become a licensed, fully certified teacher. I earned a Masters Degree in Teaching and Education from Dominican University and got my first job at Hancock. During my 4 years at Hancock, I have taught English at every grade level. I started the Culinary Club and also sponsor BuildOn, both clubs do community service projects all over the city. I also have a cat named Duke that I rescued during one of our BuildOn service learning projects and a dog named Duchess.

46 responses to “Women Crush Wednesday… 17 days and Counting :)

  1. Gabriel Martinez

    Gabriel martinez 5-21-14 extra credit
    Monday my man crush is batman because I grew up watching him on tv and movies. He is an expert martial artist, and also being the worlds greatest detective!
    P.S: Batman will appear in Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice in 2016!!!!!
    Wednesday my woman crush is black widow from the avengers. She is a very sleek and fit spy for SHIELD, the superhero HQ. She is pretty, can kick major butt and is a very smart agent.

    • Awesome and FYI those are comic books so you can do that for your independent reading project! Also, caught a sneak peak of a trailer for BM vs SM and it looks really good! Thought Ben Affleck as Batman might be a problem, but actually not bad stuff! Can’t wait to see it 🙂

  2. Jeanette R.

    By rought draft do you mean JUST the outline, or the whole paragraphs?

  3. Stephanie Castillo

    My women crush would have to be Alaska Young from the book looking for Alasksa. She is Adventurous, clever, funny,self-destructive, screwed-up, and I just find her utterly fascinating.

  4. Linda Martinez

    My Woman Crush has to be Sandra Bullock from The Heat. 🙂

  5. Kimberly Torres

    Extra credit:My woman crush wednesday is Anne Frank from the book and the movie “The Diary of Anne Frank” because she had to live with another family while in World War II. She had to deal with all the arguments between both families and yet she wouldnt give up. She did everything possible to help both families hide and keep them safe. She also had to deal with romances and becoming a woman and going through stages the other girls had already went through.
    Extra E.C: If I were to be one of the Mirabal Sisters I would probably be Dede because she was in a way calmer than the other sisters. She’d rather avoid trouble. She took care of all the sisters children when the sisters were killed by Trujillo as if they were her own and she still remembers them every day and remembers how brave they were.

    • Awesome! I loved Anne Frank growing up, but as I got older, the picture on the front cover of the book kind of freaked me out- I always felt like her eyes were watching me. Great story though! I think a lot of people can relate to Dede. People think she was selfish, but I think she wasn’t. Her concerns were just on a way smaller scale!

  6. Tianny Soto

    Extra Credit: My woman crush wednesday would have to be Jennifer Lawrence from the movie, “Hunger Games” because her role as Katnissh is very blunt and brave. She always has something to say ; she doesn’t let anybody step over here. Also she cares a lot about people that mean something to her, she doesn’t mind sticking up for them or defending them. She a rebel and she is hot lol .

    • Copy Kat lol… But she did an amazing job at making the book come alive. Jennifer Lawrence is PERFECTION!!! Watch American Hustle and Silver Linings Play Book and fall in love with her MORE!

  7. Josefina

    my woman crush Wednesday would be Tris from the book and movie Divergent by Veronica Roth.I admire her because in the story she follow her instinct and is determine to prove people wrong. she is also very passionate about the world she lives in and is willing to make things right even if there are many consequences to it.

  8. Ayelen Acevedo

    My Women Crush Wednesday is Hazel Grace from “The Fault In Our Stars” because she’s just a very courageous & strong person.

    • Cannot wait to see the movie! See the conversation above in Liliann’s comment- you will truly enjoy your summer if you read all things John Greene 🙂

  9. Alondra Alcazar

    My Women Crush Wednesday is Lucy Hale from pretty little liars because I love how she’s a great actor and she’s been working really hard to be more than that. She recently made her own demo and it was amazing. I think she will achieve great things in life.

  10. gabino garcia

    my women crush is super girl because she has all of super mans powers

  11. Jose palomares

    Alejandra Guzman because she is funny and smart

  12. yuritzi sanchez

    *late* My Women crush is Jennifer Garner she’s so pretty and she was Elektra from the Dare devil movie she’s hot

  13. David De La Luz

    My woman crush would have to be Zooey Deschanel from New girl. I just found her real cute and funny.

  14. Anthony Partida

    My woman crush Wednesday
    Has to be
    The black widow
    -the avengers

  15. Omar De La Torre

    Emily Bett Rickards because she is so pretty and cute and swagalicious 🙂

  16. Maria martinez

    My wcw would have to be ms. Pilar she is just too cute and funny😎😄💁📚

  17. rogelio godinez

    My women crush wednesday is huntress from dc universe

  18. Maranda Enriquez

    WCW goes to Trisha Paytas, because duh, she’s perfect 😍

  19. gerardo

    Wcw Jennifer aniston shes bae

  20. Yasmin

    My WCW is Scarlett Johansson because she is bae

  21. Susana Ortega

    If i were one the Maribal sisters i would be Minerva because she isn’t afraid to stick up for what she believes is right.

  22. Daniela aburto

    If I was a sister I would have been mate since at first she was very shy but after she joined the mariposa’s she was able to do things she wouldn’t have done before.

  23. Daniela aburto

    My WCW would be Angelina Joilie

  24. Melissa Barrera

    WCW would be the same Katnis Everdeen because she volunteered for her sister something society should learn from to stand up for people who need it! && Minerva because she stood up for what she believed despite the fact that she was murdered I think even if she knew the outcome she would of done it.

    I Would be Minerva!

  25. Alejandra Guzman

    My WCW has to go to Tamia Hall she’s amazingly funny like omg 😭👌

  26. Julie Flores

    My woman crush Wednesday would be Uma Thurman from Kill Bill because she shows how strong a woman can be. She shows bravery and courage and never gives up on her goal of revenge. Not to mention her great fighting skills!

  27. Carlos Hernandez

    My wcm goes to Salma Hayek I love my Latina girls 😉

  28. leslie

    My WCW Is Emma Stone ❤ . ❤ She's Just So Beautiful To Me . She's So Hilarious In Her Comedies Foe Ex. Easy A , Ghost Of A Girlfriends Past , And Super Bad ! She Has Some Type Of Sexy Ways (: And Her Eyes Are Perf ❤

  29. Lexxss

    Wcw is kat dahlia.

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