Somewhere in America…

Here’s the post you’ve all been waiting for- EXTRA CREDIT!

With Semester 1 coming to an end, here’s your final attempt at a grade boast… Watch the video, leave a comment discussing what you think the girls’ message about the American Dream is and I will replace a missing homework assignment with full credit 🙂

Enjoy- it’s pretty darn good! So glad to share it with you!!!

Remember B’s or Better!!! Aim for A’s- They’re the best and so are you! Good luck 🙂


The American Dream- Still Alive?

Well, we’ve started the next unit and I hope you are all counting your blessings as we delve into the American Dream. What is the dream? Who deserves it? Is it attainable? Can the dream ever become a reality? To get you in the right mind set, please complete the homework listed below! Happy Dreaming 🙂


  • Is the American Dream still alive?  Why or why not?
  • Talk to your families, ask them what they think about the American dream, then write a one page response discussing your answer. Use evidence to support your answer based on what you were able to find out.


  • Complete or revise your narratives, if you haven’t done so already.
  • Turn Kite Runner in!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Hope you all enjoyed a fun, belly-full-of-yumminess, shop-til-you-drop weekend! Just wanted to give you a reminder before we get back to school, hard work, and all that wonderfulness tomorrow!

Narratives were due today at 2 p.m. and I am grading away. If you make changes after you see a score on your document from me (or Ms. Feldkamp, if you are in 4th period), then please email me so that I can do my best to give you a new and improved score. I don’t want your hard work to go unnoticed, so please keep me in the loop!

Just so you know,  one of the many things I am most grateful for this year are the hard-working, thoughtful and kind students I am privileged to work with everyday- THAT MEANS YOU! You might drive me nuts, but I want to thank you for making me smile with your silliness and your bright ideas! You make the days go quickly when you are attentive and dedicated, that’s what makes this job easy (kinda lol) 🙂

See you all tomorrow 🙂

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope you’re all enjoying this creepy evening and that you’re being safe! As the end of the quarter quickly approaches, we will be finishing our novel, taking finals and beginning to write our narratives. I wanted to give you one extra grade boost for this quarter.

The poem below is written by an Afghani woman thinking about the restrictions her country has made on her. Read the following poem. Think about Kite Runner and what you know about Afghanistan. In the comments, discuss how the authors of the poem and Kite Runner use imagery to present ideas about Afghanistan. What feelings or points of view do they both want people to see or feel about Afghanistan? How do they use imagery in a similar way to do this? I will use your answers (if they are appropriate) to replace a missing assignment or low score. Good luck!

Nadia Anjuman

Daughter of Afghanistan

I’ve no desire to open my mouth. What will I recite?

I who will remain despised by my age, whether or not I recite

How will I sing of honey? It’s turned to poison on my tongue —

curses upon the fist of the tyrant who crushed my mouth

Bless this world with no one to share my grief

whether I weep or laugh, whether I live or die

I and this prison: my longing cornered to nothing.

I was borne of futility, born only to be silenced.

Heart! I know Spring has passed, and its joy too

but how could I fly with these ripped-off wings?

Though silent all this time, I’ve listened closely:

my heart still whispers her songs, births new ones for her every moment

One day I’ll smash this cage, its very solitude

I’ll drink the wine of joy, sing the way a bird should in springtime.
Though a delicate-limbed tree, I won’t shudder with every breeze

I am a daughter of Afghan — I’ll sound my faghan,* weave it to eternity

* A faghan is a cry, an expression of regret and pain, retained in the English translation to reflect the wordplay in the original.

If you have any missing work, complete it!
FINALS on WED 11/4 and THUR 11/5!

For Friday… :)

Hello all! Well as you know Progress Reports go out Monday, which means grades are due FRIDAY!!! So if you have any issues, missing work, questions PLEASE SEE ME!!! Don’t forget that tomorrow is a FLEX Friday!!!


Finish reading CH. 5 and write your 5 questions.

Read CH.6 and complete the Literary Luminary Role Sheet


Click on the youtube link and watch the video. Then answer the reflection question in the comments! Good luck!

English 2 Video- Save the Children

Reflection Question: How does this video relate to Ch.5 of Kite Runner?

I’m back!

Hi all! As you know, I was unable to access the site, but we’re here now, so let’s do what we do best- WORK! So far, I am impressed with your work ethic and I hope you will continue to impress me as we move through the year!

We are well into our novel The Kite Runner. Everyone should have read up to CH.3. Be for a quiz on CH.3 and to do some work on CH.4 and 5 this week. If you still haven’t turned in your Literary Luminary Role sheet or taken the Ch. 1-2 quiz, please see me as soon as possible! I am available during your lunch period to complete any missing work!


-Complete Ch.4 Fishbowl Discussion Questions

-Read CH.5 and write 5 discussion questions


Come to the Latino Heritage Month Movie Night!  Wednesday September 30 in the Auditorium 5-7 p.m.

Welcome Back Eagles!!!

Hello all! I’m really excited to be your teacher this year! We have a lot of learning to do. Our time together will go quickly, but I hope you are able to take what we learn in my classroom with you and apply it beyond our four walls.

This week we will take some time to set expectations that will keep our learning on track and hopefully help us to get to know each other better. Expectation #1. I will use this site to communicate with you and your families as we work together to reach your educational goals, so I expect that you will check it regularly.

Please remember, to bring your composition notebooks to class so we can begin working in them right away.

Below I have included the letter that we read in class today so that you could use it as a model as you write your letter to me. Please make sure you read it!!!

See you tomorrow!!!

Dear English II students,

Welcome to your sophomore year of English!  I am excited for the year ahead: we will read wonderful novels and poems, analyze films, have thought provoking discussions, research important issues, share our own stories, express ourselves creatively, and grow as readers, writers, and thinkers.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’d like to introduce myself. For those of you who do know me, keep reading I have a lot more to say this time around!  This is my 6th year at Hancock College Preparatory High School and I love teaching here.  Some of my favorite things to do include being with my family, especially spoiling my nephews and nieces (I have quite a few and you will hear about them often), reading good books, writing in my journal, hanging out with my pets Duchess, my Pomeranian, and Duke, my ally cat, and spending time with my friends.  I was born in Naperville, which is a suburb just west of Chicago, but I grew up in Palos Hills. Then, I went to University of Illinois at Chicago to get a degree in English. After that, I moved to California to pursue a career in writing. While I was there, I got to work with kids as a classroom aide and that was when I decided to move back “home” to Chicago so that I could become a teacher full time teacher.  While I was earning my Masters in Education at Dominican University, I taught English language learners in the southwest suburbs.

During my time at Hancock, I have had the honor of watching Hancock grow from a little neighborhood school to the gem of the Southwest side.  I have taught English at every grade level. I run our Culinary Club and Build On. I also belong to the Wellness team and Literacy team. This year I have the privilege of Coaching Cheer-leading. I truly enjoy working with the students at Hancock and I hope to get to know each of you as well as I can.

A little about me as a teacher: I believe the purpose of education is power.  Getting your education is an investment and it will open up so many possibilities for you economically (I just learned, for example, college graduates earn 66% more on average than high school graduates. Did you know that?)   However, like the other teachers at Hancock, I believe education should be more than just “learn-to-earn.”  I believe the purpose of education is to open your mind and your heart, take control of your life and your own decisions, become a better person, be an active participant in our society, and maybe, just maybe, change the world!  I hope this course will not only prepare you for your future, but also help you discover you.  One of the most important things I always want students to know about me as a teacher is that I am on your side.  That doesn’t mean I will be “easy” on you (in fact, often the opposite) but know that everything I do as a teacher is because I care deeply about my students and want the best for them.

Often my favorite teachers were teachers who challenged me, but who I always knew were on my side.  One of my favorite teachers was my 7th and 8th grade English teacher Ms. Kavoras. In her class, we were always writing.  Although I wasn’t the best student in her class, with every assignment Ms. Kavoras would write me notes and give me feedback. She graded tough, but it made me work harder and allowed me to grow as a better, more concise writer. Her notes were always encouraging and constructive.  As she worked with me, I grew more confident in my writing and in myself.

I remember we had to make a portfolio of all our writing from the year. We had to keep all our assignments and improve our favorite pieces. I spent a week reviewing her notes and using her suggestions to make my work better. At the end of the year, she submitted all the best portfolios to the district. I had no clue she chose my portfolio. I won 3rd place in the district for creative writing and I was so surprised. At the end of the awards ceremony, she told me something I will never forget. She said, “All year, you have been your own worst critic. You never realized how talented you were because you were always looking at the things you did wrong. Sometimes you need someone outside of yourself to show you all the things you do right, so you can see how amazing you are to everyone else.”  This has been my mission with all my students. It is easy to look at the negative things in your life and think you can’t change, but the more you learn, the more you know about yourself and what you can handle. When you educate yourself, you quickly realize that you are worth something and that you deserve the best.  Sometimes you don’t realize how awesome you are, and I truly believe it is part of my job to show you.

So that’s a little about me.  Now, your turn.  Write me back.  Write at least a one page letter.   In your letter, introduce yourself as I did.  Tell me about:

  1. yourself as a person (For example, where are you from?  What do you love to do?  Who are the people that are most important to you?)
  2. yourself as a student (For example, what do you think is the purpose of education?  What motivates you to come to school and work hard?  How would you describe yourself as a student?)
  3. a favorite teacher (For example, what did you like about that teacher?  What did you learn from that teacher, and/or why were they important to you?)


This is your first assignment, so impress me by writing a thoughtful and thorough letter.  I look forward to reading your letters, and to making the journey of this year with you.


  1. Complete your letter to me.
  2. Get a composition notebook.
  3. Leave a comment so that I know you read the webpage. You may write a question, tell me something we have in common, or simply tell me something about yourself. If you don’t want me to post your comment just let me know!